With each position to be filled, all members of our recruitment team collaborate and contribute to the Lead Recruiter’s expertise and success.   We encourage and value the diversity of experience, knowledge and perspectives within our team that makes us stronger ...because the ones who benefit are our clients. 

Our Recruitment expertise falls within two divisions:    

Professional and Technical Division

Professionals and unique hard-to-find Technical and other Specialists in their field.  Primarily full-time positions including:  

  • Executive, Senior Management & Professionals
  • Engineering, Technical, Information Technology and Science
  • Finance, Agriculture, Operations and Specialized roles
  • Marketing & Communications
  • Skilled Trades and Construction Specialists

Contact:   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or phone 306-585-7244

Office and Management Support Division

Positions that provide Key Support to Business Managers, Owners and those listed within the Professional and Technical Division above.   

Full-time, term, part-time or temporary positions (our payroll or yours), including:

  • Executive Assistants, Office Managers (with accounting) and Operations.
  • Administration and Specialized Office Services.
  • Accounting and Financial services. 
  • Reception, Customer Service and Clerical. 
  1. “I just need help at my office now!”  ….We have great people for that too!   

Contact:   Kristen Eisenzimmer or phone 306-585-7244

Geography covered

Bringing World-wide Talent to Saskatchewan!

Employment Network is Saskatchewan-centred, but our search focus and network expands across numerous industries, sectors and geographical zones.  


With so many talented people in Saskatchewan and also many people relocating here, we often find the perfect ‘gem’ right here at home!   Our recruitment/search activities always include Saskatchewan.   

Saskatchewan’s labour shortage is such that it demands candidate searches outside of the province……… this is standard practice with each position filled.        


Our recruitment strategies and search activities throughout Canada have resulted in a proven track record of identifying and relocating top performers in their field of expertise.   …….. from Nanimo BC to Prince Edward Island and as far north as the NWT.  

Employment Network’s membership in the Canadian ACSESS staffing association ( offers new and ongoing partnerships with independent staffing agencies across Canada…people who are already experts in their location.  We work together on position-specific projects or ongoing national business contracts. 

Our Recruiters also direct source candidates across Canada and the USA using by accessing established networks or building new ones. 


Clients or positions with specific requirements, result in an automatic search throughout the USA, targeting specific networks, industries and states.  


In 2013 and 2015 our Senior Recruiters travelled to Belfast, Dublin, and Cork, Ireland as well as Warsaw, Poland, meeting very qualified skilled workers, engineers and construction specialists.

In 2015 Employment Network became a member of an international recruitment network that connects us with candidates and employment opportunities throughout Europe, Asia, Australia, Africa and the Americas.

Why Employment Network? 

When you ask our candidates what they like about us, time and time again, they say the same thing: we’re different.

We’re friendly. After clients and candidates meet with us, two things happen. They feel like we have listened to them and that we care about them and put their interests first. We’re with you for the long run. We use our expertise to make the right match at the right time, but we want to learn that a year or years from now, we contributed to your business and career success.

We’re not a machine. Each candidate who comes through our doors looking for a better life will leave feeling valued. We value diversity and don’t treat you like a number. Yeah, every business says that, but we see every candidate as unique. Our philosophy is that each person has a ‘diamond’ inside just waiting to be polished. Our job is to help them find that diamond and make it shine…..or in other words, enjoy a fulfilling career.

We’re personal. Right from our initial contact, we do all we can to make your experience personal. We strive to respond to every resume, email, and phone call we receive. We try to connect regularly with you once we’ve met, even if only via email.

We’re not perfect. We never claim otherwise. But we try vigorously to do what’s right and always try to improve. When we do mess up, we try to immediately find solutions to your concerns. We know that looking for work can be a vulnerable time for people…..we value your dignity and are sensitive to your needs.

We search and recommend many qualified candidates who hail from Saskatchewan, or throughout Canada, the USA and also internationally. Whether we attend a career fair in Dubin, Ireland or source a candidate from small town Saskatchewan, we are always on the lookout for just the right client-candidate match!


In 1996, Linda Langelier launched Employment Network Canada Inc. to build long-term, rewarding relationships between employers and candidates. For nearly 20 years, we have worked hard and had fun, enthusiastically creating win-win opportunities for employers and candidates.


Our mission is to provide service that ensures hiring accuracy for employer and individual and also contributes in a positive, meaningful way to the lives, careers, and success of people, their workplace, their business, and their community.


We believe in showing commitment to our clients and candidates through integrity, respect, diversity, civility, and leadership.