Sheldon & Trudy

Sheldon – Shift Supervisor, CanMar Grain Products Ltd.

After the completion of my studies at Niagara College in 2011, I was struggling to make ends meet while living in the fully industrialized city of Toronto.   At this time, I was experiencing many challenges due to a lack of financial security and stability.   I came to the conclusion that most employers in Toronto were looking to hire people on a part-time basis. This bred unease and anxiety within me as I was actively seeking a way to financial liberation.

In April 2011, without expectations, my wife and I went to an annual Job Fair held in downtown Toronto. This Job Fair has employers attending from many different provinces outside of Ontario and thus gave us an opportunity to liaise with several employers both locally and Canada-wide.

Luckily, we met Kristen and David, two of Employment Network’s most diligent and enthusiastic representatives. They greeted us warmly while taking the time to share with us some useful information about the province of Saskatchewan while offering guidance regarding job expectations and settlement. There was something unique about the way Kristen and David approached us. If I could adequately surmise the encounter I would say that it was very ‘professional yet personal.’ My wife and I felt like we already knew them.

After the Job Fair we were contacted via email in real time to let us know that our resumes were being processed. I thought about the possibility of leaving Ontario to better avail myself with job opportunities, however, the fear of venturing into the unknown with no close relatives or friends seemed troubling.  In July of 2012, my wife and I realized that our financial conditions had not improved and the prospects for betterment seemed farfetched. We decided we would move to Saskatchewan despite our fears. It was one of the most life-changing decisions we have made thus far.

Prior to our move to Saskatchewan, Employment Network provided us with sufficient information relating to housing, car insurance, and transportation. Additionally, Kristen guided my wife as to how to go about finding daycare and pre-school information for our son.

Upon arriving in Regina, we were welcomed by the team at Employment Network with kindness and warm hearts. We were interviewed which resulted in an ‘on the spot’ job offer for my wife. A week later I was awarded a permanent full-time position in a growing company; this seemed quite miraculous since this was my first full-time job offer since migrating to Canada in 2009. After successfully completing the probationary period, I was placed on the company’s matching RRSP and insurance programs. For the first time, my family felt financially relieved.

In one year we have experienced so much growth. When we reflect on where we came from we cannot help but express our most sincere gratitude to Employment Network who is responsible for allowing us to have a success story. In addition, I would like to add that Regina, being mildly populated, provided us the advantage to grow at a more comfortable pace rather than struggling to keep up in the densely- populated city.


Trudy - Financial Planning Assistant, Brothers and Company Financial

I came to Canada as an International Student who studied at Niagara College. After my studies were completed I moved to Toronto to pursue my career objectives. However, this was very difficult to achieve in such a fast paced environment. The city was too crowded and too many people were chasing the same goals with limited resources. I attended a Job fair held yearly in Toronto and that’s where I met Kristen and David of Employment Network.   Kristen had a bright and cheerful personality and being in her presence was just a positive experience. She began telling me about Regina and the employment opportunities that were there.

Moving to Regina was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made in my life. Kristen helped make my transition to Regina easy, as they provided me with housing information, recreational ideas and much more. They even took my husband and I to dinner one evening and I thought that was a very kind gesture.

My husband and I moved to Regina on July 8, 2012 and Employment Network hired me as a Receptionist/Administrative Assistant by July 16, 2012. For me Toronto never offered jobs so quickly. I worked with them for a short period and I must say the experience was absolutely amazing. The atmosphere was professional yet warm and friendly. I was always treated with respect and I felt like a valuable part of the team. They have recently helped me to be gainfully employed at a wonderful company that I’m sure I will learn and grow in.

I feel like I owe a debt of gratitude to them because they have really helped me to realize my dreams. I feel independent and empowered as a young woman and at the same time I am enhancing my professional development, thanks to a caring company like Employment Network. They strive to ensure that they were not just finding jobs for people. They go above and beyond to help find a career that was right for me. Talk about personality job fit.

I will forever be grateful to Employment Network and I have a special place in my heart for them because they reminded me that kindness still exists among humankind.

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