Former Defensive End with the Saskatchewan Roughriders and former off-season Employee with Employment Network

I have known Linda Langelier and the Employment Network team since the beginning of the 2007 Riders season, when Linda provided career assistance to the Rider players and their spouses.    I attended career planning sessions and gained insight into what areas might interest me regarding a career during and after football.  Employment Network had a position open at the time and I was hired.  A factor in my decision to work with Employment Network was their understanding of my irregular off-season schedule.  While working at the firm, I saw firsthand the amount of resources they had, the relationships built throughout the community, and how good they were at filling a position with the best possible candidate. 

I learned a lot in my time working with Employment Network about myself, as well as what it takes to be a good recruiter.  In my time there, I saw many members of the Roughriders hired at positions because of the efforts of Employment Network.  I know as well as anybody how difficult it can be financially for a player outside of the football season; I also know we don’t have months to search and get hired.   In most cases we need work and we need it fast.  Linda and her staff are very efficient and effective at what they do.  I know my family is ever thankful to the support we had from them. 

In my training with Employment Network I observed the recruitment process for the Director of Retail Sales position with the Saskatchewan Roughriders.  There were many qualified candidates for the position, and it was very challenging to determine the most qualified candidates based on their experience and character.  I am 100% confident their recruitment process resulted in the Riders hiring the best candidate, as Mark has been a tremendous addition to the Roughriders organization.

Linda and the Employment Network team have a passion for what they do, and they are great at it.  The recruiters are top notch professional at all times, have great morals and work well with people of all backgrounds.  That same year, Employment Network received the Paragon Award for Diversity in the work place. They are great at finding peoples’ strengths and matching them to positions where they succeed.  I would highly recommend them.

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