Chief Executive Officer,  O & T Farms Ltd. and Oleet Processing Ltd.

O&T Farms manufactures highly digestible, plant based, palatable ingredients for animals at 2 plants in Regina Saskatchewan.  Their products are designed for all species and include specialty products such as EquinePower™, ExtraPro™ and DairyPro™.  LinPro™ is a patented product that delivers Omega-3’s naturally through the animal resulting in healthier animals and Omega-3 functional food items such as Omega-3 Eggs, Omega-3 Milk and other dairy products, Omega-3 Beef and Omega-3 Chicken.  Good things do come in Omega-3’s! 

Over the past four years, Employment Network has filled many positions for O&T Farms, from hourly through to executive level. There are three very important reasons why I will continue to use their professional service:

• As executives, our time is best spent working to grow our company, not advertising, reviewing resumes, and conducting initial interviews. Once we have identified a position to be filled, we can concentrate on our regular duties until the final interviews from the short list are arranged.

• The professional staff at Employment Network is trained to be the best in the recruitment field, so it just makes sense that they can do a better job than I at all tasks in the recruitment cycle.

• Employment Network staff understand our culture, values, and vision and only recommend employees that fit our family. Linda continually takes the time to understand what I am thinking and readily provides professional advice.

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