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  • You've hired someone new - now what?

Workopolis contributor Radyah Khan recently posted an article giving advice on how to make new hires perform to the best of their ability.  She does this by highlighting common mistakes that a lot of managers make during the probation period - give it a good read to make sure you aren't unknowingly making life harder on your "Newbie"! 

How to Help the Newbie Thrive & Survive


  •  Why hire someone over 55?

A great article that outlines some interesting points about the merits of hiring employees nearing or over the typical age of retirement.  With so much to offer from a lifetime of experience, employers shouldn't discredit the value in hiring these qualified individuals!

Forget Millennials - Why You Should Hire Someone Over 55


  •  Why hire an external recruiter?

LinkedIn Pulse contributor Kitty Warren recently posted an article detailing some of the reasons it's a good idea to hire an external recruiter.  There are many misconceptions about third party recruiters and the value they can bring to a company's hiring process - check out what Ms. Warren thinks are the top 10 benefits to enlisting the help of someone who lives and breathes recruitment!

Top 10 Reasons You Should Add External Recruiters To Your Hiring Plans


  • Privacy Law Updates.

Employment Network is a member of the Association of Canadian Search, Employment and Staffing Services (ACSESS).  Members of our team recently attended a Saskatchewan Chapter luncheon that hosted Danielle Graff, Associate Lawyer with MLT, to speak about Privacy Laws and the Business of Personal Information.  The below serves as a great reminder of what organizations are responsible to protect under the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA).

The Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada - Privacy Toolkit: A Guide for Businesses and Organizations


  • Clearing up overtime misconceptions. 

Stuart Rudner recently made a blog post in the Canadian HR Reporter about entitlement to overtime, explaining that whether or not an employee is salaried has nothing to do with their compensation for overtime.

Canadian HR Reporter - Entitlement to overtime


  • Keeping talented employees is all about asking the right questions.

New York Times best-selling author Chester Elton writes a great LinkedIn post about the cause and effect of lost talent, and offers great tips on how to prevent it from happening. 

The Cost of Lost Talent...And 6 Questions That Might Keep Them


  • New program provides employers with funding to train new or existing employees.

The Canada-Saskatchewan Job Grant helps you train people to meet your requirement and provides the skills they need to achieve their career goals. Check out what the program has to offer!

Canada-Saskatchewan Job Grant


  • Salary increases are on the horizon...

Expect to see higher than normal increases in 2015, as Canadian companies plan base salary jumps larger than the annual inflation rate. The below article gives a quick view of how the increases will pan out based on region, industy and labour market, and projects the most growth to take place right here in Saskatchewan!

Workopolis - Canadian salary increases for 2015 by province


  • Useful questions to ask before termination:

No one enjoys the dismissal of an employee, no matter what the case. This list is a good starting point for anyone struggling with the termination process, and ensures that all aspects of the situation are reviewed and considered - a great resource for any employer!

Lexology - Termination issues checklist


  • A helpful reminder...

This unique case highlights the importance of accomodation for employees, whether or not the employer has direct knowledge of a condition or disability.

Lexology - Human rights law: does a lack of knowledge save an employer from liability?


  • Did you know…

Regina has been ranked as “the most attractive job market in Canada”? According to a November 2013 BMO market report, Regina earned this impressive title thanks to the city’s high income levels, low unemployment rates and affordable housing.   

Leaderpost - Regina's Job Market Canada's 'Most Attractive'


  • The Modern Manager:

In our ever-evolving world, it is important to stay current and on-trend. It’s the same in the workplace; we must continue to adapt our management styles and techniques to effectively lead our employees. Read the following article for some great advice on how to become a “modern manager”.

Globe and Mail - Five Must-have Qualities of the Modern Manager